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Other Home Front Subjects
The Summerside newspapers carried considerable news about the war and how it affected Islanders. Despite the emphasis on Prince Edward Island, much of the general information about wartime living can be applied to any part of Canada. Some of the home front issues not addressed in this website are listed below. If you have an interest in any of these subjects we have included at least one source of information available on the World Wide Web.

Alaska Highway
  • www.themilepost.com - History of the Alaska Highway
  • www.hellonorth.com - Alaska Highway History
  • www.tourismdawsoncreek.com

    Japanese Internment
  • www.japanesecanadianhistory.net - Japanese Canadian History website
  • http://archives.cbc.ca - Relocation to Redress the Internment of the Japanese Canadians
  • www.yesnet.yk.ca - Japanese Internment Camps

    Italian Internment
  • www.albertasource.ca - World War Two and Italian Internment

    Conscientious Objectors
  • www.alternativeservice.ca - Alternative Service in the Second World War

    British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
  • www.airmuseum.ca - Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
  • www.abheritage.ca - Wings Over Alberta
  • www.wyattheritage.com - The Hospitality of Summerside during World War II -

    Prisoner of War Camps
  • http://ngb.chebucto.org - Prisoners of War Camps at Victoria in World War II
  • www.pinetreeline.org - German POW Camps - Township of Sioux Narrows
  • www.blackriver.ns.ca - Both Sides of the Wire

    Wartime Housing
  • www.7thfloormedia.com - Housing
  • www.rbc.com - RBC Letter re Wartime Housing