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War's End
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When the war seemed to be drawing to a close, towns and cities across Canada began to set up committees to plan for victory day celebrations. Soldiers were beginning to return home from the front and receptions or other forms of welcome were held.

The Canadian government wanted to make the transition from war to peace as smooth as possible. It began making plans well before the war was over for the reintegration of service personnel into civilian ranks. The Legion branches across the country undertook the establishment of rehabilitation committees to help veterans find employment. Re-establishment credits for the discharged members of the armed forces were accompanied by loan opportunities.

Reconstruction departments and committees at the federal, provincial and municipal levels were formed to oversee the matters of industry and housing. The federal government approved special loans to communities who submitted post-war economic programs.

This section about the end of the war period has been divided into the following topics:Victory Day celebrations, Welcome to veterans, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction.