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Are you interested in what life was like in a Canadian town during the years 1939-1945? While battles were being fought on various fronts in Europe and Asia, Canadian civilians were engaged in another type of fighting. They were busy on the "home front" doing whatever was required to ensure victory for the Allied countries.

Welcome to our website about the war effort made by the people of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, located on the east coast of Canada. The war years were prosperous and exciting, but at the same time full of strain and sadness. The expressive VE Day photo below reflects the dual moods of the time.

The people of the town experienced wartime in a manner similar to other communities across the country. The government was the driving power behind mobilization of people and materials and the guiding force behind information and fundraising. Summerside had its own unique concerns, including the presence of the RCAF Station, but was not insular when it came to responding to the needs of those far from its shores.

We invite you to glimpse the community's patriotic spirit in the Introduction before exploring the atmosphere of Summerside in text and images arranged under the following themes: Government, Community, Outreach, War's End, and Perspectives. Teachers and students of all ages are invited to make use of the Educational section.

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