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For those of us born after 1945, a look back to the days of the Second World War can be fascinating. There was so much happening around the world that totally changed people's lives. Canada contributed to the "war effort" of the Allied countries in so many important ways. Hundreds of books have been written about the nation's participation in the war, not only by those who lived through it, but also by a younger generation seeing events from a different time and perspective. Have a look at some reviews of a few books.

This website has been designed to capture life on the "home front" as experienced by a small Canadian town. The main sources of information were local newspapers. For a small community of 5000 it was rather amazing that Summerside, PEI had four weekly newspapers. One paper, The Summerside Journal, was so eager to present the news to its readers that it became a daily paper for 15 months until the cost of such a venture caused it to revert to publishing two issues per week. Most of the articles, editorials and advertisements on the website pages have been taken from that particular newspaper, usually referred to as The Journal.

The website structure is displayed on the side bar. You may view the site map for a complete listing of subject areas covered under each theme. Five sub-sections fall within the Introduction: Town of Summerside, Patriotism, Life as Usual, Other Home Front Subjects, and Education.