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The government of Canada played the dominant role in the lives of Prince Edward Islanders during the Second World War. As outlined in the Government section of the website, there were extensive controls and regulations made in the interest of all Canadians.

Each community had its own unique characteristics. Sometimes there were wartime industries, but in many cases there was only a continuance of existing businesses. People still went to movies, dances, and sporting events, read books, voted in elections, and attended meetings, but always in the shadow of war and the worry of the dreaded telegram with bad news about a loved one.

The town of Summerside was noticeably altered by the influx of students, staff, and ground crews to the RCAF Station on the outskirts of town. At its peak the training facility boosted the local population by over 2000. Much of the activity in the town revolved around the airmen. The story about this interaction is related on the website "Summerside Hospitality During World War II."

Despite the presence of the air force, Summerside residents for the most part carried on with their ordinary lives. A series of images illustrating "life as usual" appears in the introduction to the website. An exploration of everyday concerns pertaining to the wartime situation is presented in the following sub-sections: Economy, Communication, Politics, and Organizations.