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The community of Summerside was very busy with local activities and concerns during the war years. However, it took the time to notice and respond to the needs of others.

In the early days of the war, a few war British evacuees were taken in by local residents. Near the end of the conflict, war brides began to arrive from Britain. From the very beginning of the war the local Red Cross was active in sending personal supplies to military personnel and later on to prisoners of war and needy civilians. Individuals also sent parcels with comfort items to family and friends across the ocean. The crew of HMCS Summerside was the recipient of various gifts and remembrances.

The town responded to various relief campaigns and special fundraising projects to help civilians overseas. A national clothing campaign in 1945 met with a strong positive response to assist people in war-torn countries. Islanders, along with other Canadians, also helped starving nations with food aid. They continued to abide by government regulations for rationing after the war was over, thus ensuring that food was available to be sent to those who had nothing.

This section of the website will provide some details about the different types of outreach: Evacuees and war brides, Red Cross Society, Comfort parcels, HMCS Summerside, the National Clothing Collection, and Overseas Relief.