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There is a different set of memories for every person who is old enough to remember the years of the Second World War. In this small section of the website, we present a few perspectives of local citizens who grew up in Summerside and spent the wartime period in a variety of ways. Mildred Savidant was a young married mother waiting for her husband to return. Elmer Phillips joined the merchant marine and later the navy. He came home to Summerside whenever possible. Blanche Hogg worked as a stenographer before joining the army corps. Harold Linkletter was released from army service to work on the family farm in the nearby community of Linkletter. Frances (Corney) Lakhan along with other young women entertained and dated the young airmen who came to the RCAF station. Gerard Dalton saw the war through a young schoolboy's eyes, able to enjoy play despite the seriousness of the time.

We invite you to read a brief account of their perspectives. If you have a memory you would like to contribute to any particular page in this website, you are welcome to submit it to our contact page.