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Nutrition became a subject of great interest during World War II. It was very important for potential recruits as well as citizens in war work to be healthy and fit.

The federal Department of Pensions and National Health launched a nutrition education program called "Food for Fitness" in January 1943. Part of the campaign was the introduction of Canada's Official Food Rules that had been developed in 1942. Special articles, editorials and advertisements during the month strongly promoted proper nutrition and its benefits. Everyone was encouraged to pay attention to food choices.

In order to better distribute its information, the Dept of Pensions and National Health sponsored the formation of provincial bodies to foster "an educational campaign to bring before the public knowledge of better nutrition." The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nutrition committee was formed in early December 1942.

After the initial launch of the federal program there was intermittent reinforcement of its goal through the press and in the schools. In October 1943 a special speaker from Nutrition Services in Ottawa came to Summerside to address a public meeting. Women especially were urged to hear her address on "Putting Canada's Food Rules Into Action."

A 1944 article in the Summerside Journal gave special nutritional advice for blood donors. In February 1945, the regional nutritionist for the Maritime Provinces presented an address to the junior and senior Summerside High School students. Many local homemakers also attended to learn more about Canada's food rules.