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Military Personnel
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Many men and women from Summerside and area joined the armed forces during the Second World War and numerous stories could be recounted about their experiences. The purpose of this website, however, is to explore the conditions on the home front and the participation of Summerside residents in the war effort.

RCAF Station Summerside on the outskirts of town was the predominant military presence in the community. As a facility under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, it trained hundreds of pilots and navigators from the Commonwealth countries. The story of the interaction between the air force personnel and the local citizens is presented on our website titled "Summerside Hospitality During World War II."

Many local boys were drawn to enlist in the air force, but even more enlisted in the army. Recruiters made frequent visits to the local Armouries, enticing young men and women to sign up for military service. Veterans of the First World War enlisted for home duty with the Veterans Guard. Some men opted to serve in the local squadron of the Reserve Army.

For more information about the town's association with military endeavours, view the following sections: Recruitment and enlistment, the Veterans Guard, and the Reserve Regiment.