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A Directorate of Censorship was formed as part of the Department of National War Services in July 1940. In was responsible for the censorship of publications, radio and films, as well as communication via letters or telegrams. The Ottawa office released regulations that were to be followed and any publisher or broadcaster found guilty of not abiding by them could be prosecuted. The whole idea of censorship was to keep secret any information that could aid the enemy.

There were few references in the local press to the topic. One of the information cartoons from Christie's Biscuits promoted wartime secrecy in a November 1943 issue of the Journal.

The most significant way in which censorship touched the lives of individuals was in the exchange of letters. Any sensitive information was crossed out or cut out by censors who monitored the mail. The frustration of an overseas soldier in regard to writing home was captured in the attached humorous letter.